Monday, 5 September 2011

Autumn Comes With a Lions Blast

Autumn comes with a Lions blast

Threatening to blow the leaves from the trees,

Before they get their yearly chance to shine.

And creeping over the sill comes the spectre of winters skeletal grasp.

Yet how can this be as yesterday was summer still.

And tomorrow may be again.

But the spiral to the dark time has begun and cannot be halted.

The time of bonfire smoke carried on the still night air.

And the deep brown smell of earth carried on the breeze.

Soon shops will be full of of orange globes, pumpkins,

Ready to feel the child's sharp knife baring their souls.,

As the chill wind bears ours.

Soon the winter crone will rise and take her place In our hearts

Do not fear this, she is the power in the water turned to stone,

The force of rock moving upon rock.

Embrace her, let her in give yourself over to her power.

See! Her power warms you but lays you bare to the core.

Embrace her and be made anew as the land is made anew by the icy

Blast from her snowy mantle.