Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Land of Fantasy.

Land of fantasy.

Sleep comes eyelids drooping
carrying me of to the land of Morpheus.
There to find wonders beyond belief.
Fabulous flying faeries of vibrant hue,
Crimson red and cobalt blue
Turquoise green and saffron yellow, rainbow streaks
In the air.
Here there be dragons to
Of every shape and size..and hue.
Big fire breathing monsters protecting their golden hoard,
Their smaller cousins here also can be found
Alighting on your shoulder singing sweet songs of joy.
And as you travel this land of wonder
The biggest wonder of all, you may see the Elven ones
Travelling on their way, and if ....if you're very lucky
They may stop and share with you
Songs of magical daring do.
But all to soon its over you wake with a start!
And find on your pillow
Fairy dust, a piece of gold and forest leaves.