Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Sanctuary

My sanctuary is quite a complex landscape that exists on the astral plain. I enter my sanctuary via a moonlit bay which is horseshoe in shape comprising of a shingle bank where the waves slowly break onto the shore and sea Otters play  amongst the breakers.

Walking slowly inland the landscape turns to heathland dominated by silver birch trees and the air is full of insects and the chirring of night jars.

Walking further inland the heathland gives way to a very English country lane bounded by an ancient hedgerow where it is always late summer early autumn with the blackberries and sloes in full fruit. It is here where my teacher the grey haired crone parks her wagon.

As I leave the hedgerow behind I start to climb as the landscape becomes one of downland with the grass waving in the wind. This is a place of horses and giants carved into the chalk and dominating the down is a huge standing stone full twenty feet tall and covered in carved spirals.

As I climb the last hill it is here that my sacred grove can be found within in a perfect ring of silver birches, in the centre of the grove a fire is always burning. it is here that I meet my animal guides and find a safe environment to work with my gwers.

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