Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Sap Rises

Although I love Winter I am more than ready for Spring, there is a distinct smell in the air today the smell of new life and greenness of the young Goddess of the vernal equinox stretching Her limbs. . So in celebration of this I offer this poem I wrote a couple of years ago.

The Sap Rises

The sap rises,
Nature renews.
The Goddess
Is creating,
And where
Her green feet tread
Life springs forth.
She walks the land
Bestowing favours
Carrying on the breeze
Of her passing
The scent of greenness.
Waking trees who yawn
And shrug their mighty limbs.
As She walks,
She drops a seed here,
Lays her hand here
In blessing
On a Foxes head.
And soon the land
is green again.


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