Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Druid Mysteries

The Druid Mysteries.
By Pangur-ban

Life is a mystery, something that being a Druid I am quite happy about. Picture, if you will that you possessed the answer to all the questions in the universe, what would there be left for you to wonder at?

We live today in a world governed by science, in fact to many science has become their God. Let me say at this point that I think that science is great but there is more to this wonderful world  we live in than bare facts.

So what are these mysteries I hear you ask? The most important mystery for a Druid to learn is that the inner world is as real as the outer world.

The Druids inner world is where they meet their deities, work with the energy of the universe, and meet and work with their guides both animal and human.

For most Druids this inner world takes the shape of a Grove. In its simplest form it could be a clearing surrounded by trees, but as the Druid grows so does his Grove.

My Grove is now a landscape but at its heart is a clearing surrounded by Silver Birch trees. In the centre of the clearing is a simple rough hewn wooden altar. There is a spring in my Grove that gives forth cool clear water that forms a small pond.

If you would like to find your inner grove try this exercise. Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply, let your body relax, and when ready open your inner eyes. What do you see? What trees are there in the surrounding area? Repeat this exercise as often as you need to and you will be surprised how quickly your Grove takes on a personality of its own and will change its appearance of its own accord.

There are many more mysteries that the Druid learns and over the coming weeks and months I would love to share my perceptions of them with you.

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