Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Starlings Over Radipole Lake

Heart sore and weary at days end
I seek solace from drab Winter streets,
Dirty and grimy from days of rain.
Wending my way through last minute shoppers
Laden down with bags and the cares of life,
My desire is to escape to somewhere simpler.
Unbidden, my feet take a well trod path to a place
Where earth meets water and this world the next.
Where wind whistles through the reads
Like the sighing of dead birds yearning for rest.
This place is abundant with life though, and as I watch
A lamentation of Swans glide by elegantly plumed in white.
Then time itself seems to pause, as if the universe is waiting
For the days main event to unfold before my eyes.
Suddenly, a murmeration of Starlings
Burst skyward to perform their nightly aerial ballet
And in this dance my soul finds balance and is healed.
Returning I find my heart lightened and young again.
The streets no longer drab and dirty but washed clean.

Pangur-ban 04/03/2010

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